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Video surveillance transformation for security in the mining industry


International. Video surveillance solutions are a technology that helps in mining, beyond perimeter care, serves for the care of people, which is why it has become a transforming element of security for this industry.

According to Axis Communications "personnel working in mines can be exposed to a variety of hazards, such as exposure to toxic substances, explosions, landslides and accidents with heavy machinery" hence the importance for this sector to implement effective safety measures.

For this reason, the brand suggests mining companies take preventive actions to ensure the safety and health of their workers.

"This includes providing adequate training, personal protective equipment, safe tools, and constant monitoring of potential hazards. Implementing effective safety measures can significantly reduce risks to your employees and create a safer work environment."

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It is known that the mining sector is currently highly regulated, but as Axis indicates "you can always go further and think about the details that will make the work environment safer for everyone".

Tools such as video surveillance solutions and sensors are paramount to monitor and generate alerts in case of emergencies or when personnel do not use the required protective equipment, thus improving security at other levels, beyond protection against intruders.

As an infographic from Axis communications showed, video surveillance in the mining industry has 4 challenges. As it is (1) to ensure the safety and protect the health of workers; (2) withstand exposure to dust and extreme temperatures that can affect the performance of safety solutions; (3) movements in the work environment that destabilize the cameras; (4) poor visibility in underground environments due to lack of light.

Protection of persons
In the mining industry, the protection of people should always be the main focus, ensuring their health and safety at all times. However, this task can be complicated due to various factors, such as dust residues that can affect air quality, as well as accidents that can occur at any time.

That is why, prevention becomes a primary axis that is often overlooked. While these tools can provide images at the moment, it is important to keep in mind that the true protection of people depends on the implementation of adequate preventive measures, which minimize risks and avoid dangerous situations.

It is essential that mining companies have a key technological ally whose video surveillance solutions are not limited to just monitoring, but are resistant to environments, using quality analytics and images in order to achieve an adequate prevention strategy. Providers such as Axis Communications are ideal for having a wide range of video surveillance solutions, analytics and even network audio systems that together allow not only prevention, but to act in real time before any eventuality.

The analytics integrated into Axis devices is so advanced, that it can even help detect if one of the mine workers is not wearing the safety elements correctly; If you may not have put on your helmet and intend to enter a potentially dangerous area. They also detect and alert in real time if a job suffers an accident or if it enters a restricted area. In this way, the safety and health of workers is guaranteed.

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Challenges and solutions in mining
Mining can be developed both underground and on surfaces, however, underground can present a great challenge in terms of the visibility it may have inside the mine, more from the perspective of those who monitor video surveillance. The challenges are presented by possible obstructions, and by the movements that can occur in the environment.

Video surveillance solutions are needed that can adapt and overcome the challenges presented by the environment such as those present in Axis. Solutions that have, for example, housings that make them more resistant to extreme temperatures and durable over time. Today the technology of these solutions allows them to detect when a dust cloud is created and generate an alert since this can be a risk to the health and visibility of operators.

Another constant challenge is the movement that can occur in a mining area and therefore the cameras that monitor it must have an adequate stabilizer. In this way, a clear image is guaranteed and not a run that would affect the analysis and visibility of the space.

Advantages for the sector
The mining sector is one of the most important in Latin America according to a report by ECLAC, since it contributes around 10% of the region's GDP and 45% of exports. One of the most relevant countries for this sector is Mexico, which according to the Mexican government the income of this sector represents 2.3 points of the country's GDP.

It is so important that in 2022 the Mining Law was amended to designate Mexico's lithium reserves as part of its national heritage. The fact that this sector is so relevant in the region reinforces the idea that it must be protected, and that those companies that take care of their security correctly will have a competitive advantage.

"With our video surveillance solutions we seek that each company in the mining sector has an advantage such as cost reduction by preventing incidents and generating maintenance strategies in production so that it does not stop unnecessarily," said Alejandro Aguirre, Commercial Manager for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean at Axis.

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Finally, an additional advantage to safety is the efficiency that can be achieved in the processes. That a video surveillance solution identifies the wear of a machine and recommends its maintenance helps to plan in advance and that this maintenance occurs at the right time, where the least affection to the mine process is generated.

Iris Montoya Ricaurte
Author: Iris Montoya Ricaurte
Periodista con amplia experiencia en corrección de estilo y generación de contenidos de valor para el sector especializado - [email protected]

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