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Airports protected with VMS systems

Aeropuertos SenstarLet's see how Senstar's Symphony VMS system works, installed in two major airports in Brazil.

By Senstar

Senstar recently completed the deployment of its Symphony 7 video management software (VMS) at Natal Airport, located in one of the most important cities in northeastern Brazil.

The configuration replicates that used at Brasilia airport in Brazil's capital, where Symphony has been operating for several years. Both airports are managed by Inframérica, part of Corporación América, the world's largest private airport operator.

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Symphony supports video surveillance visualization and storage, native analytics, reduced hardware usage, and integration with legacy systems, all packaged in an easy-to-use interface. Along with its scalability, customization, and configurability, Symphony helps organizations improve security and operations, and provides business intelligence.

With the airports of Natal and Brasilia using Symphony and its analyses, Inframérica has successfully optimized resources, centralized management and ensured the reliability and availability of data.

Inframérica uses Symphony as its only VMS, monitoring in real time and storing and retrieving images simultaneously. Whether using distributed or centralized storage, through Symphony, Inframérica provides segmented and audited access to cameras and system functions to internal teams (including security, IT and business services) and external customers (such as Federal Police, Brazilian Customs and airport tenants).

Symphony is used in the management of airport operations. The system makes information such as queue size, crowd identification and number of users available to the operations team. In addition, information of this type helps to comply with the legal requirements related to this type of environment.

Business Intelligence
Inframérica uses Symphony Analytics to optimize the commercial management of airports. With information on passenger movement, heat maps and facial recognition, commercial teams can work together with tenants to develop strategies and optimize resources.

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X-ray inspection A personalized analysis for airports
One of the innovations that is being implemented in the airports of Inframérica is the automated control of the waiting time in the X-ray inspection. Through Symphony's advanced analytics, configured specifically for this application at airports, it is possible to generate the reports required by ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil) automatically, without the need for human intervention.

For Alberto López, Information Technology Manager of Inframérica, the deployment of Symphony in the company's two airports has added technological intelligence to provide video security data, as well as greater surveillance efficiency. "Inframérica plans to expand its operations in Brazil and would like to continue working with Senstar on technological innovations in security and have it as a partner in future projects."

Customer Profile
The airports of Natal and Brasilia are managed by Inframérica, the largest private airport operator in the world.
Approximate traffic at airports per month:
Natal Brasilia
Flights 1,500 12,500
Passengers 200,000 1,500,000
Load (kg) 1,300,000 44,500.00

• Senstar Symphony VMS
• Symphony analysis

• Increased surveillance efficiency
• Improved management of security and operations
• Business Intelligence
• Process automation

Duván Chaverra Agudelo
Author: Duván Chaverra Agudelo
Jefe Editorial en Latin Press, Inc,.
Comunicador Social y Periodista con experiencia de más de 16 años en medios de comunicación. Apasionado por la tecnología y por esta industria.

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  1. Edi Marinelarena
    Tuesday, 13 July 2021 21:23
    me pueden ayudar en cotizar una licencia de Symphony 7.6
    1. Duván Chaverra Agudelo dchaverra2020
      Thursday, 15 July 2021 13:54

      Hola Edi, te pondremos en contacto con un representante de Senstar.


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