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Access Control - Level 1

Carlos GuzmánObjective

This course was developed by the Association of the Security Industry (SIA) and translated and adapted by ALAS in 1997, with the purpose of covering the needs of professional training in the area of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Currently the industry develops new products and technologies that demand general and basic knowledge that ensure a design, installation and commissioning of access control systems with high satisfaction for the end user.

General Objective

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This course is designed for managers, salespeople, technical supervisors, consultants, designers and installers with the aim of delivering the generic fundamentals in design and installation and having the ability to:

- Make a design adjusted to the needs of the client.
- Efficiently perform the installation of pre-wiring and system components.
- Communicate efficiently with sales and service personnel, with the end user, and, when necessary, with manufacturers.
- Install, initialize, test, repair and document systems.
- Expand their professional experience leading to recognition and advancement.

Prerequisite for the course:

Before taking the course, the student must have some basic knowledge of electronics, which can be acquired through the pre-requisite course of alarm technician level 1, in addition to a general knowledge of the principles and electrical precautions, although it is not necessary to be licensed to work as an electronic technician.


General details about the course.
Generalities about electronic access control.
Installation of electronic access control.
Reasons for the design of electronic access control.
System configuration.
Systems integration.
Work management.
Tools used
Safety at work
Features of the signal cable
Pipes and filled spaces
Wiring distribution.
Cable dragging.


- Publicidad -

This course gives those who pass the Final Exam, an WINGS certificate. People who do not pass the exam receive a diploma of attendance. It is possible to take the course again, to repeat the exam and get the certificate.

About the instructor

Carlos Guzmán Díaz is an international security consultant and specialist in the integration of electronic security systems, with a specialization in project engineering. He has been a consultant for more than 20 years in areas of: preparation of risk studies and plans for disaster situations, security studies and risk analysis, among others. Throughout his career, Mr. Guzmán has held management positions in the technical and training area. He currently serves as Training Coordinator of the Latin American Association of Security (ALAS), teaching courses in all Latin American countries.


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