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Snap One opens new joint headquarters in Salt Lake City

United States. Snap One inaugurated its new headquarters that functions as an innovation center for the acceleration of hardware and software products, a space that will house interoperability tests, engineering and product design, hardware and software tests, among others.

Snap One announced on May 10 the opening of a new five-story, 94,983-square-foot building. This building is called joint, since it functions as the co-headquarters on the Innovation Pointe campus in Lehi (Utah).

According to Snap One COO Jeff Dungan, the new co-headquarters features an innovation center with an increased number of state-of-the-art labs, testing areas and training facilities that allow the company to accelerate development of Snap One products. hardware and software. and services that can be imagined, designed, prototyped, tested and delivered faster than ever to delight our partners and their customers.

“The original Draper, Utah location was established in 2005 and has been able to serve the needs of our partners for nearly 20 years. As our scale and pace of technological innovation accelerate, we have built on this legacy to address the needs of the future,” Dungan said. "In designing this new co-location, we have considered the long-term needs of our partners and their customers and created an environment that internalizes the capabilities needed to accelerate our innovations."

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For Dungan, “the name of the location of our new innovation center, Innovation Pointe, is very appropriate. This campus will function as a creative hub for a larger community that is attracting some of the biggest names in tech today.”

Innovation Pointe is in the heart of the 'Silicon Slopes,' Utah's tech community, which is also home to many leading tech innovators including Adobe, Pluralsight, Qualtrics, Ancestry, Entrata, Lucid, Pattern, Domo, Microsoft, Oracle, Skullcandy, Vivint, and many others. Snap One's new joint headquarters will serve as a collaboration hub for some 500 Snap One-area employees, complementing the company's other technology centers in Charlotte, North Carolina and Serbia.

Specifically, new capabilities housed within the Innovation Center include interoperability testing, Control4 automation testing, in-house digital product design, engineering and physical prototyping, software development, accelerated and highly accelerated product life testing, regulatory testing and drop, anechoic and RF chamber. evidence. The facility also contains a large number of classrooms that allow the company to operate an on-site Snap One University that can train partners to become more proficient in both Control4 and third-party product integration.

In addition, the new and expanded labs will enable the company to design and develop better product and security experiences. Enhanced collaboration spaces will foster greater creativity and collaboration among team members in Utah and around the world. The space will also be used for engineering leadership and team member collaboration. The building itself has been designed to provide bright and welcoming working conditions that will enhance the productivity and well-being of all who work there.

“With the opening of this new joint headquarters, partners can once again be confident that Snap One is by their side, making their future needs our top priority – thinking ahead about the resources and capabilities they will need to expand. your business today and in the future. the future," Dungan concluded.

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