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From Electronic Engineering to Club America: Jorge Morera's Passions

De la ingeniería electrónica al Club América

The current Director of Jomtel Telecomunicaciones, talks about his professional career and also reveals his most personal and family side.

by Álvaro León Pérez Sepúlveda

Electronics is a passion that has haunted Jorge Luis Morera Angulo all his life. Born in 1981 in a home of engineers living in Mexico City, from a very young age he was curious and interested in everything related to circuits and technology.

"As a child I was very focused, I really liked to learn and know how things worked, always with the interest of knowing more. That's how I started to get involved in electronics," he recalls.

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Perhaps that is why it was no surprise when he decided to enroll, years later, at the Universidad del Valle de México to study Electronic Engineering, a profession he has practiced to this day.

"My first formal job was 22 years ago in the family business that my parents built. First I was commercial director and now I am the general director of Jomtel Telecomunicaciones, a company that this year celebrated 25 years of existence and operation," he says.

Leadership based on human capital
On a professional level, Jorge describes himself as a man dedicated to his work and to envisioning new business opportunities. He admits that sometimes it is difficult for him to delegate functions and not get involved in each process. As a leader, he believes that attending to the needs of the staff is essential for the development of the organization. For this reason, he is always looking for ways to encourage his collaborators, so that they feel satisfied to be part of the team.

"One thing I'm very proud of is the value we place on training. Although the type of solutions we offer requires our workers to constantly specialize, we also understand that this is an incentive for them, since knowledge is an invaluable and appreciated tool in all companies," he says.

In this way, he explains, they have managed to build a good relationship with the employees, some of whom have worked at Jomtel since it was founded a quarter of a century ago. For him, each one is essential when it comes to executing a quality project, overcoming challenges and ensuring a good service to customers.

A Familiar Man
Jorge Morera combines the role of a successful businessman with his role as husband and father, as he has been married for 11 years to Veronica Fernandez, with whom he has two children: an 11-year-old girl named Emilia and a 10-year-old boy who, like his father, is named Jorge. For them, she has made an effort to balance the time dedicated to work and home.

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"In my free time I like to spend time with my family, we go on trips and we are together in our children's activities. A few months ago we made a trip to Madrid to accompany my son to a summer soccer camp, which we all enjoyed together," he says.

Precisely, this sports enthusiast declares himself a lifelong fan of Club América, a team he passionately supports in every match. He is also part of his company's newly created football team (which sponsors several athletes) and is a motorsport fanatic.

Jomtel's present and future
Today, Jomtel Telecomunicaciones is recognized for the quality of the solutions it offers, accompanied by innovative technology capable of responding to current security problems. One of the keys to its business success lies in its network of strategic partnerships, established with some of the world's most renowned manufacturers.

"We are the best-selling Federal Signal distributor and integrator globally and we are very proud of that. All the patrol cars we equip in the national territory have Federal Signal visual and acoustic signaling technology. In addition, we are official distributors of Sepura, the world's leading manufacturer of Tetra radio communication equipment," says Jomtel's CEO.

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Additionally, the company remains in constant search of new solutions for its customers, while reaffirming and diversifying its commercial alliances to consolidate its portfolio and presence in the market.

This is what Morera says: "My challenge is to continue positioning Jomtel Telecomunicaciones as the best company integrating technological solutions, not only nationally but internationally. We are currently planning to expand our solutions to other countries in Latin America and of course to the United States."

Security in Latin America
In this regard, he believes that public security is the most important issue in each country and that the security of citizens does not only depend on the operational actions of public forces, since technology is also a vital tool and plays a fundamental role in the fight against crime. He also believes that, like society, crime evolves and also makes use of new technologies to commit illegal actions.

"That is why in recent years, many manufacturers have not only improved their products, but are working on new hardware solutions and developing smarter software with more applications such as analytics processing. Now, with the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, we will surely receive new integrations and solutions, which we will implement to offer them to our customers," he says.

Industry Projection
Constant change and openness to new technologies are two constants that Jorge sees in the future of electronic security. Likewise, he affirms that it is necessary to be two steps ahead of criminals and that governments will be increasingly exposed, which will lead to a greater openness to citizen scrutiny.

Consequently, the demand for electronic security solutions and integrations will continue to rise and its purpose in this regard, he says, is to consolidate Jomtel Telecomunicaciones' commercial position in the regional market.

"Our plans to expand to other countries in Latin America are a result of the success obtained in Mexico and we believe that bringing security to citizens, through solutions and integrations, is important to reduce crime rates. In fact, our company won the first place of the ALAS award in 2022 and ranked third in 2023. That makes us proud and forces us to continue working hard and with passion," concludes Morera.

Álvaro León Pérez Sepúlveda
Author: Álvaro León Pérez Sepúlveda
Editor - Latin Press, Inc.
Comunicador Social Periodista egresado de la Universidad de Antioquia, con más de 14 años de experiencia en medios periodísticos y proyectos de comunicación digital. [email protected]

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