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Colombian healthcare company targeted by cybercriminals

Empresa colombiana

Colombia. The entity Salud Total EPS reported that there was recently an external computer attack on its technological platform, a fact that has caused inconveniences in its operations and in the provision of its medical services.

In response, the directives put in place internal protocols by which IT services, as well as connections to physical and virtual servers, were isolated with the primary goal of safeguarding information and establishing the status of IT assets.

The virtual service channels that were deactivated due to the contingency are the Virtual Office, Home Service Point, Mobile Application, and Pablo, Virtual Advisor.

Contingency management
Currently, the health care provider company Salud Total has an estimated 4.8 million members. To guarantee its services to this population, the entity has deployed a series of preventive and reactive actions aimed at restoring the applications that are part of the operation.

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The contingency plan also includes 24/7 strengthened telephone service and the extension of face-to-face service hours at health solution centers, open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., continuously.

With regard to the provision of medical services, the EPS has been guaranteeing care, delivery of medicines, laboratory tests, among others, through its network of service and emergency services without affecting the user's care.

Finally, Salud Total announced administrative and criminal actions at the request of the Attorney General's Office and other authorities, in accordance with applicable legislation.

Álvaro León Pérez Sepúlveda
Author: Álvaro León Pérez Sepúlveda
Editor - Latin Press, Inc.
Comunicador Social Periodista egresado de la Universidad de Antioquia, con más de 14 años de experiencia en medios periodísticos y proyectos de comunicación digital. [email protected]

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