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Axis introduces camera with full coverage features from any corner

Latin America. Axis Communications unveiled the new indoor camera, to be installed in corners, specifically designed to provide the best field of view and ensure that no area remains uncovered. 

This compact camera AXIS P9106-V White is 3 MP, with matte white housing resistant to ligation (which prevents the equipment from being used for different purposes, such as tying and hanging things from it) that will help solve use cases such as: interview rooms, stair rooms, psychiatric care rooms, hospital recovery rooms, waiting rooms, detention cells in police stations, and even classrooms. AXIS P9106-V (white) is designed to be resistant to sudden movements from unexpected shutdowns, reducing the risk of vulnerable people using the camera for self-harm, for example in mental health facilities or cell custody.

Installation is quick and easy with optimized coverage, ready to use, save time and costs. Even in scenes with strong backlight, the combination of forensic WDR and Zipstream technology means that all important details can be captured while reducing bandwidth and storage requirements by 50% or more.

The main features of this camera include:

  • • 3 MP resolution with 130° horizontal FoV, 95° vertical FoV.
  • • Fixed focus outside the box without blind spots.
  • • Compact design for corner mounting.
  • • Resistant to sudden movements due to unexpected stoppages (white model only).
  • • IP66 and IK10, shock and vibration resistant (the same level as on-board cameras).
  • • Zipstream and portcast support (e.g. AXIS T61 Series).
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Compact, safe and elegant
AXIS P9106-V network cameras can cover up to 130° horizontally and 95° vertically, with no blind spots. These cameras are shock and vibration resistant, and are delivered in focus from the factory, so no manual focus or lens adjustment is required.

In many corner mount scenarios, installers are often faced with wall or ceiling surfaces that are not suitable for mounting, such as mirrors, acrylic glass, and windows. AXIS P9106-V has been specifically designed to allow corner mounting using only 2 of the 3 surfaces (wall + wall or wall + ceiling).

In environments with unique infrastructure requirements, AXIS P9106-V has been designed and tested to support multiple media converter options, such as PoE over Coax (see AXIS T864 PoE+ over Coax Series), or PoE over 2 threads (see 2N 2Wire). This is especially useful when installing the camera in elevators, where PoE of more than 2 wires can be used to connect existing mobile cables.

Easy to operate and maintain
AXIS P9106-V can be installed in easily accessible areas, and you can rest assured that it is stable thanks to its vandal-proof IK10 rated housing. For added safety and peace of mind, the camera's IP66-rated housing offers protection from dust and water.

The full camera and network connections are fully accessible from the front, simplifying service and maintenance, saving time and money.

In addition, if the camera is stained or superficially damaged, the front window resists chemicals and abrasion is easy to clean with detergents or simple graffiti removers. In case of damage, the front window can be replaced quickly.

AXIS P9106-V can join AXIS T6112 audio and I/O interface via portcast technology. This with its perfect configuration in waiting rooms and interview rooms, allows you to record dialogues or even communicate audio messages through external speakers. AXIS P9106-V White's robust and ligation-resistant design makes it perfect for high-security installations where there is a risk of self-harm to vulnerable people.

Santiago Jaramillo
Author: Santiago Jaramillo
Comunicador social y periodista con más de 15 años de trayectoria en medios digitales e impresos, Santiago Jaramillo fue Editor de la revista "Ventas de Seguridad" entre 2013 y 2019.

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