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AxxonSoft implemented comprehensive protection system at Mexico City airport

AxxonSoft implementó sistema de protección integral en aeropuerto de Ciudad de México

Mexico. The growing volume of passengers forced the management of Latin America's busiest international airport to modernize its security system.

Each year, more than 47.7 million passengers fly to and from Mexico City International Airport. That is why its directives make it a top priority to secure civil aviation, passenger infrastructure and operations against illegal activities.

Having a system that would unify the management of security and combine the existing analog infrastructure with the new IP, in addition to complementing it with intelligent video analytics.

In response to this challenge, the airport's integrator, LTP Global Software, chose to create a unified security solution with artificial intelligence.

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In addition, all operations were required to be managed through all cameras: from security checkpoints and waiting areas and shops, to the airport perimeter, the runway itself and the runway.

Thus, security operators could handle all events within one frame, without switching from one system or screen to another during the incident, while monitoring and controlling all incidents in one system to avoid inconveniences and interruptions while following the event from the cameras of one video management system to another.

Faced with this responsibility, the airport administration and the security department have created two new airport management centers: one in each terminal, installing more than 3,000 state-of-the-art surveillance cameras in an advanced video management system, IP metadata processing and artificial intelligence.

In addition, a control room has been established to detect and prevent security breaches and to quickly transmit useful information to the Federal Police.

AxxonSoft's VMS, the intelligent video management platform, allows users to perform unique video analytics tasks and optimizes search functions. It includes special analytical tools, such as interactive 3D maps, license plate recognition, Moment Quest forensic search, person detection and monitoring, motion detection, facial recognition, and much more.

System Elements

  • 800 new IP cameras, integrates 1,400 existing analog and IP cameras.
  • 2 Command and Control Monitoring Centers.
  • Forensic area for video management and investigation.
  • The system will be expanded in the future.

The Unified Video Management System with Artificial Intelligence now makes the overall security system at Mexico City Airport much more efficient.

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It fulfills the main objective established: to ensure the safety of passengers and staff on site. As a result, the airport is now seamlessly monitored everywhere, inside and outside, in all terminals, from security checks and personal baggage checks to the airport perimeter itself.

There are no more blind spots. Each zone is monitored and controlled in a system to avoid interruptions, following the event from the cameras of one video management system to another. AxxonSoft helps to centrally command and coordinate security personnel, ensuring that the expansion of the airport does not compromise its security.

Álvaro León Pérez Sepúlveda
Author: Álvaro León Pérez Sepúlveda
Editor - Latin Press, Inc.
Comunicador Social Periodista egresado de la Universidad de Antioquia, con más de 14 años de experiencia en medios periodísticos y proyectos de comunicación digital. [email protected]

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