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The book 'Business Manual', presented in Bogotá

Manual de Negocios

Latin America. Augusto Berard and Diego Cacciolato are the authors of this editorial production, whose presentation in Colombia was made after receiving excellent reviews in countries such as Argentina, Mexico and Ecuador.

In 'Business Manual', the stages of creation and strengthening of a commercial enterprise are addressed, around three main axes such as: management, development and regionalization.

"The difference with other management books is that we go from the simple to the complex and from the general to the particular. This work is a tool indicated for professionals, because it has a series of theoretical elements that allow to take a business to the next level. In the same way, it is very useful for students; some have even told us that they gained years of experience from reading it," says Diego Cacciolato.

For his part, Augusto Berard states that the purpose is to share a joint experience of more than 20 years: "We want to make it easier for a person who has just started in the business world, or who has already started and perhaps wants to adapt to these times of permanent change. We seek through an easy reading that the reader incorporates the knowledge and tools that we dump in the book".

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Knowledge for all
Precisely, the affordability of the language used by Argentine authors has been one of the aspects best valued by readers, who have found a content of value expressed in an understandable way, regardless of their experience or training.

"I am impressed by how well written and concise this sales and business development book is. It is a straightforward guide to the point, covering essential strategies, both for marketers and entrepreneurs. The ability to convey complex concepts in a clear and accessible way is really worthy of praise," says Alex Salinas, vice president of the international company Bolide Technology Group.

A business plan in a few steps
'Business Manual' is described by its co-authors as a recommended guide for any entrepreneur, as well as for novice and experienced entrepreneurs who wish to improve sales in the local market, formalize the business plan or expand into new markets.

"It is not only a guide of tools and strategies, but teaches how to formalize a business plan in a ten-step structure, starting from aspects such as the description of the business, the strategy, the investment plan, the financial plan and human resources; either to put that business on the path of growth, or to regionalize it, "says Cacciolato.

In Argentina, higher education institutions have already referenced the work in their dependencies. This has meant recognition of the book, to which Augusto Berard expresses deep satisfaction.

"It would be great if it were consulted for students from different universities in Latin America. We are already traveling this path, since the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the Universidad Atlántida, as well as the business incubator and the extension secretariat of the National University of Mar del Plata have put it in their libraries, "he concludes.

Álvaro León Pérez Sepúlveda
Author: Álvaro León Pérez Sepúlveda
Editor - Latin Press, Inc.
Comunicador Social Periodista con 12 años de experiencia en comunicación digital y medios periodísticos. [email protected]

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