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The C2 "Historic Center" of Mexico City carries out its work with 1,850 cameras

C2 “Centro Histórico”

Mexico. Last month was inaugurated the Command and Control Center C2 Historic Center, a monitoring and video surveillance unit installed in the Police Museum, located in Colonia Centro, Cuauhtémoc City Hall, whose mission is to improve the security of the Historic Center of Mexico City.

The C2 "Historic Center" has 1,850 cameras to cover the Congress area of Mexico City, Colonia Morelos, the Historic Center and the Alameda Central. In addition, it has 23 operational positions and a preventive care model, to guarantee the safety of locals, buyers and tourists.

 Operario en C2 Centro Histórico

This center consists of an area of 253.87 square meters, has a glass fish tank type design, an eight-screen video wall, as well as the adaptation for two administrative offices and a crisis room.

- Publicidad -

According to the Government of Mexico City, "it had an investment of 37.5 million pesos (mdp), of which 30 million pesos were contributed by the Government of Mexico through the Contribution Fund for Public Security, and 7.5 million pesos by the capital government." That is, it had investment in Mexican pesos that is equivalent to more than two million dollars.

The general coordinator of the C5, teacher Juan Manuel García Ortegón, commented that the need for C2 occurs because "the Historic Center has just under 20% of the land use is housing and has a very important commercial dynamic, because of that it has very particular public safety requirements. On the other hand, it is an area of just 10 square kilometers and, nevertheless, it is the most video-monitored area of the city with an average of 220 cameras per square kilometer, which is 5 times the average of the rest of the urbanized area of Mexico City. "

For Juan Manuel it is clear that there was a mixture between many cameras and things to monitor, hence the installation of a command and control center. Which is in tune with the fact that the Historic Center is a special protection area, known as the cultural, political and economic heart of the city.

For his part, the Secretary of Citizen Security, Mr. Omar García Harfuch, said that: "to fulfill our mission of protecting and serving society, we move from an exclusively predictive and reactive police scheme to a model of citizen security proactive, dynamic and close to the people, with powers that expand our capacities to act in favor of citizens. Today this C2 is an example of that."

To which he added that the city has 72 thousand cameras to monitor the 16 municipalities, and that it has achieved a reduction in homicides of 47%, as a decrease of the sixteen main high-impact crimes, with historical lows in 8 of them, that is, since 1997.

Finally, the head of government of Mexico City, Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, said that "the 'perse' technology is useless if it is not associated with a security strategy and that is why inaugurating the C2 of the Historic Center what we are doing is taking the technologies of security cameras and their improvement, the one we have available in the C5, in the C2 and the improvement of the capacity of the police to make it a better tool to give security to the Historic Center "

Similarly, Claudia explained the importance of this C2, arguing that the other nearby monitoring centers already covered other areas and that this allows a special focus to citizen complaint.

Iris Montoya Ricaurte
Author: Iris Montoya Ricaurte
Periodista con amplia experiencia en corrección de estilo y generación de contenidos de valor para el sector especializado - [email protected]

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