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"High security in the palm of your hand"

Susana Gallegos

Susana Gallegos, regional director for STid Latin America, reveals the plans, products and projects of the company thinking about the market in the region.

By Security Sales

When you hear the phrase "access control" you think of constraints, a series of inevitable paradigms and static technology. That's why we talk
with Susana Gallegos-regional director for STid Latin America, a global high-tech company that has the recipe to solve the eternal contradiction between high security and freedom.

On the one hand, STid designs, manufactures and markets diversified electronic components for the identification and insurance of people, vehicles and objects in all types of environments. On the other hand, it has also developed friendly software for the customization of its equipment, weapons control and tools, as well as STid Mobile ID: an App that can be integrated with any other to identify users thanks to its API / SDK. Its specialization technologies are based on passive RFID and hands-free technology; BT, NFC and IOT.

Security Sales: What is STid's next adventure, projects and goals?
Susana Gallegos: They are geographical diversification, technological advancement and continuing to cultivate our core value; the user experience. To achieve this, we know that we must create new departments and talents in the company that complement each other to improve our processes. Corporate responsibility will also hold a special place at the heart of our organization; We have created this department because we know that the impact of our technology will be fundamental in the new generations and this gives us the responsibility of designing from the ROOT the technologies that will allow the mobility and safety of people in their coming years.

While we have been recognized in corporate access control projects, this is only the tip of the iceberg of our potential, our gaze points towards the unification and synchronization of every organization. We transcend from the main entrances, corridors and doors of the offices to integrations with all kinds of third parties and their technologies activated by an electrical pulse; elevators, parking lots, or automations; lockers, vending machines, dining rooms, printers, IoT technology, with the same virtual credential. And speaking of the future, these bases have been fundamental for our North American and Latin American market to gain relevance.

We were born in Europe, but now we are global. In Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Panama and Costa Rica, etc., we are breaking schemes since our population density, dimensions, modernization potential and electronic security needs make it only natural that the high development in custom hardware will reach us in 2023 more than ever.

VDS: You mentioned that the Latin American market is becoming increasingly important, how do you plan to develop it in the coming years?
Susana: Honoring the importance of our business partners, manufacturers, distributors, integrators and press. Because our growth is only due to yours. But, end users are the base of our pyramid, and naturally they are represented by the consultants of each industry, they are a kind of hybrid of all our partners described above. In this changing niche it takes an entire ecosystem to understand our role in the electronic security market. If users are our inspiration, then professional technology consultants are the route; they represent them and are organically linked to technology because they are passionate about it as we are, their studies, years of experience and human relations are critical components to value the true meaning of collaborating with STid and will take LATAM to the next step.

It is worth mentioning that these professionals do not belong only to the security market, of course, we dignify how there is a foreign language in each specialization to which we can integrate, imagine us now in mass vehicular traffic, telecommunications companies with b2b businesses, datacenters, aeronautics, mines, etc.

Another strategy in which we have a lot of focus are professional events and organizations, demonstrating the value of the product live is what I enjoy the most, in addition to certifying ourselves more and more from the hand of autonomous security agencies to test our philosophy with impartial facts and universal, current parameters, never manipulated. Companies can be sure that we will accompany them in their modernization.

- Publicidad -

Finally, of course, I seek to continue maturing in the region, our development plan involves carefully choosing our staff, but it is not easy, I seek to take care with expertise not to grow at any cost, the essence of the brand matters to me, we seek to continue transmitting our core values; Humane treatment, collaboration, open and insatiable mind.

VDS: What are the latest solutions STid has developed for the access control industry? Can you highlight some technical characteristics?
Susana: You will notice that these readers that I am going to tell you about were sketched with affection, imagine entering the STid factory, it is bright and fresh, it has laboratories full of components, cables, screws organized by branches of specialization.

Now, imagine also that it is full of "crazy" scientists who are not afraid of prejudice, take risks and make tests until they give birth to our readers. They are people who studied electronics, RFID and new sciences yes, but more importantly, they are people with talent for creation, STid is their meeting place.

I like that the products reflect our suggestions and experiences that we live in the field technicians and sellers. Here are the most successful products in the region:

ARC1S-BT and OEM components

Ultra compact reader, identifies pedestrians, ideal for door frames. We recommend reading CCTW010 cards if customers are looking for maximum savings and CCW680 if they are looking for the ultimate in high security and capacity, significant savings are achieved thanks to the free virtual card contained in the STid Mobile ID APP. It can be requested in different protocols; OSDP, Wiegand, RS485 and native RS232. We also have OEM components available to be integrated into intelligent automations; gas pumps, time and assistance, PLC, among many others. This component is the difference between an automated and encrypted system to a manual and insecure one. Companies can be sure that we will accompany them in their modernization.

Multi technology reader; It has the ability to read plastic cards, key chains, virtual cards and QR codes for visitor management in the same output! It can be requested in different protocols as well. It's honestly a plane. Virtual cards will be managed, sent, revoked and transferred without renewal licenses through our web platform by email.

Migration Reader Architect®, the most useful in Latin America for existing projects, has 3 technologies 125 kHz (Prox) + 13.56 MHz (MIFARE /® DESFire® EV2/EV3/Iclass® CSN) + BT. In case you have already tired of codependency and the lack or delay of supply of plastic cards. Learn about the benefits of diversifying, programming and encrypting them autonomously, in addition to gradually virtualizing users with their Smartphones. It can be requested in different protocols as well.

Long range vehicular reader (up to 14 meters reading distance) There are significant savings connecting up to 3 external antennas. Its Sotware Ultrys V2 allows you to encrypt tags and readers autonomously, add input/outputs for sound alerts, traffic lights and mass sensors, adjust the power, RSSI and even sequence the reading of the same tag from 1 to 30 seconds to improve the flow of information with the control panel. Its Industrial version and Extrem have ultra resistance for hostile environments and TCP-IP protocols for mass control of assets. This reader is preceded by more than 25 years of development and ancient generations.

Our latest member of the family, this medium-range reader is the most compact on the market, with a reading distance of up to 6 meters with TLTA STid tags and / or 20 meters with STid Mobile ID Premium on the cell phone. A completely intuitive user experience is lived thanks to its fast reading of simultaneous multi-technology (tags and virtual cards) that facilitate access control for different user profiles.

Hardware and software solution specially developed to ensure and simplify the management of weapons, tools and equipment in industrial environments (plants, factories, aerospace, naval, automotive, etc.).

VDS: What is the added value and what differentiates your products from the competition?
Susana: The first question I answer, but the second is answered alone 😊. A good friend once told me, "You don't need to compare yourself to be good, focus on your talent and the rest will come by itself." The reality is that at this point in my career I am more occupied with dynamically sharing our discoveries and integrating an inspired team, than concerned with comparing ourselves with other technologies.

In reality, we are unprecedented. Non-ownership and ergonomic electronics may be a relatively new concept in Latin America, but it will be the pillar that will drive new and exquisite developments and infinite integrations in the future of the region.

Perhaps what I like most about STid is that it can be looked at in many ways, like a kaleidoscope. Installers look for "plug & play" component, buyers appreciate having stock and immediately sending virtual credentials and reusing them without renewal licenses; Security managers love the autonomy of encrypting their own cards.

Architects and builders choose us for aesthetics and ergonomic, developers are motivated to use the API and SDK to manufacture their own identity with the solution, site owners prefer us for the speed and endurance of the team. STid Mobile is an APP for All(s). From its inception, the brand was conceived simply different.

VDS: What are the verticals of greatest importance to the brand?
Susana: Access control and secure RFID/IOT traceability. And of course each one will use different solutions; readers Spectre, Architect, etc. We have solutions installed in:
* Airports and Aeronautics
* Government, defense and militia.
* Retail and mass administration
* Financial and Banks
* Data centers
* IT & telecommunications
* Residential and campus.
* As well as complex environments such as gas, railway, oil, steel, mining, etc.
*What follows is yet to be discovered...

- Publicidad -

VDS: How are the education programs for the professionals who install the brand's products?
Susana: Monthly webinars are critical to train and feel close to our distributors and installers. The application notes and updated installation recommendations readily available on our website are basic. However, it doesn't take long after customers become virtually autonomous in technical project design. Let's remember that readers are only part of the magic in an electronic security installation.

The reader is connected to a control panel and this in turn communicates with the software and emits the pulses to the barriers, turnstiles, electromagnets, etc. On the one hand, each installer has a preference for a different panel and access software, it is normal that they become fond of one, we being non-owners integrate any panel in OSDP, SSCP, Wiegand, RS485 or native RS232 communication protocols.
In the Spectre line you can find solutions even in TCP-IP (Industry and Extrem) used mainly in traceability. On the other hand, non-panel customers, whose end products have to do with their own automated solution, for example, pumps to supply fuel have their own fascinating developments and patents. They no longer use our reader but our OEM component. Finally, technological experts will find them at events simply by exchanging knowledge. As you can see, each client will require a tailor-made accompaniment and we adapt to it.

VDS: What was the reason for the brand's growth of more than 50% globally compared to 2021?
Susana: While we are a bunch of people who are in a constant quest to appreciate our present, I also believe that growth is due to flatly refusing to be simply a cardboard solution.

There are 5 premises in the STid narrative that gained traction in 2022:
1-Our customer service orientation
2-The constant understanding of their new needs
3-A regional strategy adapted by country
4-Manufacture quality component and of which we can be proud
5-The maintenance of our long-term relationships.
I am also pleased to share that by the end of 2022, we have also exceeded our goal. We are very excited for 2023. Thanks to spaces like this, we will be able to reach more palms.
You can find me on

Duván Chaverra Agudelo
Author: Duván Chaverra Agudelo
Jefe Editorial en Latin Press, Inc,.
Comunicador Social y Periodista con experiencia de más de 16 años en medios de comunicación. Apasionado por la tecnología y por esta industria. [email protected]

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