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Dahua plans in 2023: Strengthening intelligent digital transformation and AI applications

Dahua en 2023

Latin America. Dahua Technology informed through an official statement that it will address 2023 with key technologies such as AIoT, big data and software, in its solution offering, to respond to the demand for detection and rapid response to security risks.

According to Dahua, 2022 was a year full of development and innovation for the brand, as a provider of services and solutions AIoT focused on video launched several updates of its product portfolio, as well as an artillery of new products and solutions that addressed specific needs and problems in society.

Now in 2023, Dahua seeks to deliver value beyond safety, such as enabling cities, businesses and other organizations to incorporate the visual data captured by our cameras as part of their smart solutions for everything from easing traffic congestion, monitoring parks and wildlife, tracking waste streams, to improving sales in convenience stores.

Inteligencia artificial

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As noted in a statement the brand wants to provide value beyond safety, "such as enabling cities, businesses and other organizations to incorporate the visual data captured by our cameras as part of their smart solutions for everything from relieving traffic congestion, monitoring parks and wildlife, tracking waste streams, to improving sales in convenience stores."

To understand the scope of Dahua's plans in 2323, we must list some of the highlights of the technological innovation that the brand will be promoting this year:

Dahua Full-color: with technologies such as Full-color + TiOC with intelligent dual illuminators, acoustic deterrence and AI; Full-color + Panoramic with 180° PTZ and IPC panoramic vision devices with dual full-color lens; Full-color + ZOOM with 5X optical zoom capability and autofocus function that provides clear color details even after zooming; Full-color + 4K adopting a 1/1.2" image sensor (currently Dahua's best low-light IPC sensor) providing 110% pixel size increase compared to common 8MP sensor.

WizSense: this solution relies on Quick Pick technology to perform searches based on the color of clothing or vehicle, and compare them with a database. AI Scene Self-Adaptive (AI SSA) technology that adopts a deep learning algorithm that can identify various specific scenes (e.g. rain, fog, backlight, low light or flicker) and adjusts image parameters accordingly to ensure the best image quality.

WizMind: The Dahua panoramic system is designed to capture situational awareness in scenarios that require a 360°, 270° or 180° panoramic view and Human Metadata 2.0 that is equipped with a deep learning algorithm that can help operators locate targets more efficiently; Vehicle-based applications with indoor parking and outdoor no-zone parking solutions; Thermal Imaging applications for the industrial sector that allow online, fast and all-weather temperature measurements.

HDCVI TEN: is the first entry-level XVR with AI capabilities; Programmed AI that allows users to configure different AI functions (available on XVR5000-4KL-I3 series) according to different time periods (up to 6 time periods per day); Dual smart illuminators with IR and warm light; Real 5MP 16:9 which solves image distortion issue caused by previous 5MP 4:3 cameras.

Dahua DeepHub: is a smart interactive whiteboard that offers a flexible and multimedia approach to teaching and lecturing, giving participants an immersive, interactive and content-rich experience. It features wireless display, whiteboard writing, video conferencing, and file management.

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In addition, there are also other innovations such as a wireless alarm system, portable thermal imaging cameras, PoE 2.0, and cameras with 4G transmission and powered by solar panels.

Trends 2023
For Dahua, intelligent digital transformation has become the main topic of today's industry. "In the future, with the help of AI, the constant updating of smart monitoring products will become the main growth point of the security monitoring industry in developed cities around the world."

In this sense, the publication "2023 Trends in Video Surveillance" of Eagle Eye Networks mentions that companies are budgeting video surveillance platforms that are ready for AI and prepared for the future.

Even according to a 2022 AI business survey conducted by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), more than 50% of companies use AI in some way, and more than 25% report widespread adoption of AI within their company. The survey also indicates that companies that do not use AI are already aware that new and modern technologies will automate their systems and processes in the future; And they're budgeting in order to be able to implement that infrastructure.

Dahua 2023 solution plans and programming:
Dahua is preparing to introduce the WizMind X&S series in 2023. Exploration of full-color integrations is expected to continue next year. The new HDCVI 7.0 will also be released, along with updates to other smart products such as WizSense and TiOC.

In addition, it will present indoor fire prevention thermal solutions and thermal technology applications in various vertical markets.

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Finally, the series of innovative products that Dahua will exhibit in 2023 are display and control devices, including LCD monitors, LCD video walls, LCD digital signage, LED screens and interactive LCD screens for commercial establishments, as well as Video Management Platform (VMP), set-top boxes, splice controllers and network keypad for security centers; Dahua Memory, a series of stable and reliable NAND flash products such as SSDs, memory cards and USB flash drives, among others.

Iris Montoya Ricaurte
Author: Iris Montoya Ricaurte
Periodista con amplia experiencia en corrección de estilo y generación de contenidos de valor para el sector especializado - [email protected]

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