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ConsorcioTec™ shared its latest growth data


Latin America. Significant figures announced by the ConsorcioTec™ purchase group, which consolidate it as one of the largest loyalty programs for the purchase of security technology and multimedia systems, within the integrators of low voltage solutions in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The presence of the purchasing group is consolidated along the map in countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Peru, also passing through Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Uruguay, without leaving behind the United States.

In this sense, the number of integrators affiliated to the group registered a significant growth of 22.81% in 2021, compared to the previous year, which allowed to start 2022 with a total of 70 affiliated SMEs, whose annual purchase represents more than USD$ 75 million in security, multimedia and network equipment.
Of the total number of new affiliates, 38.89% of them are integrators who focus on video surveillance and security systems, while 15.38% are dedicated to audio and video solutions.

However, of these new affiliates, the countries with the highest participation were Mexico, Chile, Colombia and the United States.

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Benefits aimed at partners, pillars of growth

Facilitating the access of SMEs to direct manufacturers, apart from being the main objective of ConsorcioTec™ to boost sales in the region, translates into profits for both producers and integrators, towards whom an accumulation of additional benefits are directed.
One of the biggest added values to which integrators are entitled within the loyalty program are refunds. These are recorded directly in the accounts of the associates with quarterly cut.

Rebate plans range from 3 to 5 percent on recorded purchases and there is no minimum cap. In that sense, they can all be registered.

"For example, an integrator in Costa Rica places an order with the factory and the factory ships. Every quarter the manufacturer makes the reimbursement to the group and we then pass that money to the integrator locally," explains Max Jaramillo, CEO of ConsorcioTec™.

Additionally, partners can enjoy a series of competitive advantages such as free visibility with guidelines in specialized media, international agreements, business orientation and manufacturers can enter the "Preferred Suppliers" program.

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The preferred suppliers are the manufacturers attached to the program, who pay the refunds for the purchases of the solutions they manufacture.

These providers have access to the integrators' database and can contact them directly, in order to present their solutions for electronic security, building automation, multimedia and networks and communications, among others.

The current list of preferred suppliers with which ConsorcioTec™ has negotiated special purchase conditions is extensive and may vary at any time.

We recommend you to expand the information in detail, visiting the following link to know how to be part of the family of integrators of ConsorcioTec™ and the benefits that you can enjoy.

Upcoming meetings of the Purchasing Group

Other aspects that contribute to joint growth, hand in hand with our integrating partners and manufacturers, are the programmatic meetings and participation in fairs of the sector, as a way to further enhance the sales group.

That is why we extend the invitation to two of the most important events of the industry in Latin America, such as Expo Seguridad and TecnoMultimedia, in Mexico City and Bogotá, Colombia.

The first will be a space of three days (June 28 to 30) to interact, update and exchange knowledge, in a meeting full of technology, solutions and knowledge for manufacturers, distributors, integrators and national and international users.

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Similarly, between August 17 and 19 in Mexico City, and October 20 and 21, in Bogotá, Colombia, TecnoMultimedia will be held, where the call for our partner integrators is to participate and publicize the technology they can develop, install and apply.

This event represents a space for commercial relations, where the presence of the program is enhanced, and especially that of our affiliated integrators, who will be able to exhibit their services and reach their end customers in a timely and direct manner with a closer interaction.

It should be remembered that TMI (TecnoMultimedia) is aimed at integrators in the audio, video, lighting and automation industries, and has established itself as an ideal space for demonstration, networking, updating and learning in Latin America.

This is how the projection of the group is consolidated upwards and strengthened as an ecosystem of loyalty for the purchase of technology.

"We are very satisfied with the growth we have achieved, so we want to give greater benefits and offer an expanded list of vendors for our affiliates," concludes Max Jaramillo, CEO of ConsorcioTec™.

Duván Chaverra Agudelo
Author: Duván Chaverra Agudelo
Jefe Editorial en Latin Press, Inc,.
Comunicador Social y Periodista con experiencia de más de 16 años en medios de comunicación. Apasionado por la tecnología y por esta industria.

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