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Centro Santillana implemented smart parking solution

Edificio Centro Santillana parqueadero inteligente

Colombia. The renowned centro Santillana corporate building, in the city of Medellín, needed to provide a pleasant, agile and traceable parking service. That's why he turned to a technology solution that also allows him to ensure the safety of vehicles.

The construction, located in the town, one of the most exclusive sectors of the city and with great financial activity, has several offices of recognized companies in the country and the region, such as the National Chocolate Company, Grupo Nutresa and Bancolombia, among others. That is why it was urgent to improve the operation of its 464 parking spaces.

In the considerations of this optimization was: facilitate the administration of the space, take into account the availability of VIP parking, the charge for each company according to the number of cells it occupied per day and preferably offer a guaranteed use of the parking lot for visitors. In addition, it was also important that users could quickly find a place to park their vehicle.

Other features were also requested at the administrative level: that the implemented solution would allow validating possible incidents inside the parking lot, generating video clips and reports according to news and occupation of the space, with data such as plates, dwell time, entry and exit of the cars. As well as centralizing the information of all the parking lots and visualizing them through a friendly interface to locate the vehicles.

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Taking into account this list of requirements, the company in charge of the administration of the building and the MTS parking lot, sought a technological solution from the hand of an integrator that could give it local support. In this way they used the services of the integrator Miro security and installed the Smart Parking Management system of Dahua Technology.


Outstanding benefits of the Smart Parking solution

Entry and exit:
Drivers can see the availability of all parking spaces before entering, through a module composed of 8 LED screens located at the entrance of the building. Then the type of vehicle, color and plates are recognized by 4 cameras with Automatic number-plate recognition, from the reference ITC215-PW6M- IRLZF, located at entry and exit points of the parking lot, which allow the time of permanence and the occupancy rate in the parking lot.

 Detection of free spaces:
However, inside the enclosure, drivers can be guided to an available place, thanks to the 34 LED screens (of the DHI-IPMPGI series), which show on each level the available spaces and the direction in which they are located. In addition, there are also lights to identify the free spaces.

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As a complement, a total of 311 detection cameras were installed to identify the available parking spaces. The cameras were of the reference ITC214-PH3A-F3 and ITC314-PH3A-F2, which can detect between 2 and 3 parking spaces respectively.

At the same time, the cascading connection provided by the Dahua Technology architecture was used for the connection of all these devices, reducing costs, wiring and installation of additional ports.

Localización de vehiculo Dahua Technology

To facilitate the location of vehicles within the parking lot, there is a DHI-IPMPGS-221A touch screen that allows the search by plate and confirms the position of the vehicle in the building, along with an image of it to confirm that it is the car being sought.

Parking management:
Through a server with the software for parking management DHI-PMS, plus an EVS5036S-R storage unit, the MTS operator obtains relevant and related information with: real-time video surveillance, abnormal driving behaviors, can modify the information of cars remotely, control the vehicle barrier, the status of parking spaces (free and occupied), the license plates and image of the vehicles, and the log of entry and exit events, among others.

Diego Garcés, director of special projects of Miro Seguridad, commented on the matter: "The execution of the project lasted only 4 months and the configuration of the system approximately 1 month, in the words of the operator of this MTS technological solution, the project has far exceeded their expectations."

Finally, this smart parking solution generates benefits for the operator such as 97% information accuracy; reports for the rate of collection to users, according to their level of use, whether single or variable rate; and the reduction of the staff required to operate the system by up to 50%.

Final Client: Santillana Downtown Building
Integrator: Miro Seguridad
Distributor: Lince Comercial
Solution: Smart Parking Management – Dahua Technology

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*This success story was taken from Lince Comercial

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Author: Iris Montoya Ricaurte
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