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Hybrid technology project in video surveillance system

Proyecto de tecnología híbrida en sistema de videovigilancia

A Success Story on the implementation of a hyperconverged solution in a Social Readaptation Center.

by Eng. Rodrigo Salomón Rodriguez*
Eng. Jamin Castillo Ocampo*

After nine months of continuous work, from its planning to its validation, in SISSA Monitoring we have concluded the renewal of the video surveillance system of a Social Readaptation Center of the Mexican Republic, in which an evolved hybrid technology was implemented that has given functionality to the CCTV system of the site.

Faced with every challenge, a solution
Since the CCTV system used in this center had become an obsolete solution over time, our team of specialists, being responsible for the maintenance of the entire technological system of this site, proposed an update in which the technology of the manufacturer Huawei, one of our technological partners, stands out.

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The main problem and, therefore, the main need to be solved with this renovation project was the low recording recording capacity that this system had, since it had stopped recording the minimum recording time requested by the client.

After performing the corresponding analysis of storage and the other characteristics of the system, it was concluded that, in addition to the obsolescence of the recording equipment, the platform had become unstable, which resulted in video gaps and relationship discrepancies in the database that at the end of the day were reflected in the non-availability of video to the operator. In parallel, when performing the appropriate proofs of concept, it was identified that such a solution would not tolerate a storage migration without suffering a total loss of recording.

It is for this reason that our specialists proposed the implementation of a comprehensive solution that, through the renewal of the Video Management System (VMS) storage and monitoring stations, would guarantee the required recording period without losing absolutely no information in the process.

A hyperconverged renewal
Our proposal consisted of the change of 33 physical servers (closed application boxes) for a hybrid architecture consisting of 6 physical servers, 8 virtual servers and an external storage system, which resulted in a hyperconverged solution of high levels of provisioning virtualization.

The 6 servers mentioned are now part of a single computing cloud, while the compute resources are provisioned within themselves (become a single resource).

Virtual servers mounted within physical servers provide high resiliency, plus they prevent video loss by not relying on a single physical box; in this case, a virtual machine is able to start automatically on another compute node while a recorder takes control of the cameras.

The operating system disks of the virtual machines were also renovated, linked to an external storage system and a new video surveillance system was installed, which can be viewed on up to 30 workstations.

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Thanks to the good planning, leadership and knowledge of the architecture implemented by SISSA engineers, we have already carried out the installation, configuration and high availability tests, both of the servers and the VMS, without any setbacks, having thus solved the initial problem (operator display line without video gaps and minimum recording time requested).

However, in addition to solving this problem, we have implemented an evolved hybrid technology that has significantly optimized the operation of the CCTV system of the site. In addition, the integral solution implemented in this Social Readaptation Center has an extremely stable, controlled, intuitive, friendly and open architecture, since, unlike the previous system, it is compatible with multiple brands as it is an operation solution with standard protocols for the integration of equipment from different suppliers.

Savings and continuity of operations
It is important to mention that in the strategy developed for this renovation project, a work plan was projected that, in addition to being developed around the budget, prioritized the continuity of site operations during the implementation of our solution. For this reason, the reuse of the cameras in good condition and the gradual replacement of those that present failures were contemplated.

Likewise, the replaced chambers receive greater maintenance and are stored as spare parts, a measure that is not only beneficial for the daily operations of the site, but is also friendly to the established budget.

In addition, in terms of energy, our solution generated a saving of at least 60% in consumption compared to the projected upgrade with the previous infrastructure.

It is for all the above that today we have the validation of those responsible for the site on the services we have provided, who have expressed their complete agreement for the result obtained, which in SISSA fills us with satisfaction and pride, mainly for the complicated moments that we have lived lately.

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SISSA in Social Rehabilitation Centers
In SISSA we plan to provide the advantages of hyperconvergence to the computing and printing area of this site (centralized resource computers), which would imply the execution of a renovation project of its architecture based on the implementation of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI, for its acronym in English), inheriting the high resilience capabilities to a virtual desktop solution.

It is worth mentioning that, thanks to the satisfactory fulfillment of service levels that we have achieved in projects for various Social Readaptation Centers, our experience in this type of infrastructure is no longer limited to CCTV system maintenance projects, but our technical capacity has allowed us to develop projects such as the following:

• Access control
• Identity management
• Perimeter security
• Detection of prohibited objects and substances
• Communication (intercom)
• Integration of technological systems
• Blocking of cell phone signal, radio communication and data and image transmission (cellular signal inhibition)
• Safe radio communication
• Networks (routing and switching, data center, telephony, security)
• Computing and printing
• Remote videoconferencing
• Operation support (UPS, precision airs, optical fibers, structured cabling)
• Operational coordination (CCO, ticketing system)

At SISSA Monitoring we are not only technology integrators, we are developers of custom-designed solutions.
* Rodrigo Salomón Rodriguez Figueroa - CCTV Manager at SISSA Monitoring
* Jamin Castillo Ocampo - Network Manager at SISSA Monitoring

Duván Chaverra Agudelo
Author: Duván Chaverra Agudelo
Jefe Editorial en Latin Press, Inc,.
Comunicador Social y Periodista con experiencia de más de 16 años en medios de comunicación. Apasionado por la tecnología y por esta industria. [email protected]

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