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The quality show

While it is true that there has been a reduction in the flow of visitors to the Miami Beach security fair, an element in which all exhibitors agree is that the people who are attending this show represent high-profile companies with good purchasing power.

The period between July 24 and 26 of this year offered a new version of america's Fire & Security Expo, which was held, as usual, at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Each year this show is outlining its profile, showing itself not as an event of large masses, but as a specialized fair, which is attended by buyers with high purchasing power and decision-making, which was highlighted by the exhibitors who were consulted by this means. This edition of the show had on the second day of the fair the busiest day and for some it was the best day in the last two years.

As usual, VENTAS DE SEGURIDAD toured the event and for this edition it is shown in images for each reader to draw their conclusions. Information will also be presented, as a showcase, of the technological elements presented by some of the exhibitors.

Companies and their products
The Miami fair is one of the possibilities that Latino security professionals have to learn about the latest in technological advances, as well as to establish contacts with new suppliers. Below is an account of what was seen on the show.

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In search of Latin America
One of the companies that is heading batteries strongly towards the region is Gamewell FCI, a unit of Honeywell Fire Systems that was born from the union between Gamewell, a developer of alarm systems and FCI, developer of instruments for fire control. Both companies were acquired by Honeywell at the turn of the century (2000 and 2003, respectively) and were merged in 2005.

According to John Weaver, in charge of this company for Latin America, the technological base of this firm is to always remain at the forefront when it comes to modular designs. "We use electronics and software to integrate fire systems. What that means is that these electronic modules have up to nine ports that can be put in different combinations to practically solve any need of alarm systems, from a small building to a larger one with multipurpose.

This technology will initially be available in all Central American countries, in addition to Colombia, Peru, Chile and Brazil.

Support is the key
The new generation of video recorders from General Solutions (Generation III), based in Houston, Texas, is based on HP and Dell technologies, and also offers hybrid technologies.

With 10 years of existence and four years of presence in Latin America, General Solutions took advantage of the Miami show to launch its new generation of DVR with two fundamental approaches, one that offers local guarantee in any of the countries of the region with any of its technological partners (HP or Dell), and the other that strengthens the software part, which accepts convergence towards the IP world, using hybrid systems, which allow you to connect analog cameras and IP cameras.

These technologies will be distributed to all Latin countries, with the advantage that they no longer have to wait for spare parts, in case of failures, to arrive from the United States, but can obtain them with any technical service from their partners in their respective countries.

The value of total integration
One of the advantages that have the most impact when acquiring a security solution is the ability of this to integrate with other related devices. For Napco Security Group, a manufacturer of security technology with 46 years of experience in the market and more than 20 in Latin America.

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During the Miami fair, the company was promoting a wide range of intrusion alarm solutions and its access control line that has the possibility to expand as far as the user requires. "Where we're going, and that's what we see in the market, is total integration; we can integrate security, with access control, DVRs and cameras, that is, full integration across all lines," said Scott Schramme, vice president of sales at the firm.

These solutions are being introduced to the markets of Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina and the Caribbean.

Towards smart technology
Samsung 360 is a firm that represents since 2005 the equipment of the Samsung Techwin brand for the Americas. It is worth saying that within this renowned manufacturer there are 44 divisions, two of them, Samsung Electronics and Samsung Techwin, offer CCTV systems.

Taking advantage of this edition of the Miami show, the firm presented its new generation of IP products, which responds to the name IPolice; the great advantage offered by this technology is its versatility that allows it to work together with multiple IP platforms in the world, whether they are already on the market or in the process of development. This line will expand with three products: a camera and two servers, all of the IP type.

While this technology will be introduced to all countries in the region, it will initially be introduced in Mexico and Colombia.

According to Rafael Ramirez, Samsung 360's vice president of sales for Latin America and the Caribbean, the company's strategy for 2008 will be to enter the field of smart technology.

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