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ISC and Exposec: business opportunities

This first half of the year Brazil hosted professionals, technicians and entrepreneurs from the security sector in its two most important fairs.

by Fabia Fuzzeti*

The month of May was very hectic for the electronic security market in Brazil. For the first time, the two most important fairs in the sector were held in São Paulo in the same month. ISC, in its second Brazilian edition, took place between days two and four, and Exposec, an event already consolidated in the country, was held between the 29th and the 31st.

Some companies had to choose between one and the other, because the proximity of the events made it impossible for them to participate in both. In the opinion of Claudio Gaspari, president director of Veotex, it is a fact that the proximity of the fairs made participation difficult, however he believes that although security is the common theme, ICS is more specific, and if there was a greater distance between the dates surely his company would also have participated in Exposec, since it is aimed at an audience that interests you a lot.

For Camila Rodrigues, Sales Assistant at Bosch, the proximity to Exposec did not generate any problem, since the public of both fairs has different profiles. The opinion of the exhibitors was divided in this aspect, because although most believe that the publics are different, various companies that have an interest in the two events would prefer that they be held with an interval of six months to be able to participate in both.

- Publicidad -

In these two events the public was able to know the novelties of the market and learn about the most recent technologies that are produced in Brazil and the world.

ISC increases audience
ISC, a global event with an experience of 35 years in the United States, had specific pavilions of the national and international industry such as: Mopu (public monitoring), Taiwan, the United States and "Wire and Cable" (wired). The fair brought together 100 brands which presented equipment and solutions in areas such as monitoring, technology, weaponry, accessories for motorcycles and patrol vehicles and access control; plus a series of VPON recorder releases, with a very low band consumption, coupled with an excellent SDK, or development kit and system integration.

For Bycon the response was very positive. Antonio José Claudio Filho, commercial director of the company stressed that "ISC is a manufacturers' fair for professionals in the area and has been affirmed as such. I think it's going to generate a lot of new business and partnerships, because we had the opportunity to introduce the technology to decision-makers." This company was present at ISC with the announcement of its expansion in Latin America and the presentation of its security and business management solutions with emphasis on systems integration.

For Bosch this version of ISC was a success. In the opinion of Camila Rodrigues the organizers managed once again to attract their audience, high-level end consumers and qualified buyers. "This year we were able to count on a much larger number of visitors. The company's biggest gain from participating in the event was to open up diverse and solid opportunities for future business, as well as inform the market of our solutions, products and innovations." On this occasion the company exhibited a wide portfolio of CCTV, intrusion, fire, access control and PACOM. In addition, because most of the equipment was in operation it was possible to know its characteristics and capabilities. The demonstration of the BiS, Vasa and ViDos software, visualized through a video projected on the wall at the entrance of the stand, caused a good impact, arousing the attention of visitors, who crowded in front of it to find out what was being exhibited. Bosch presented six new launches emphasizing the new AutoDome system of modular cameras.

Brazilian Manufacturing
For its part, Veotex presented at the fair its video alarm, the only product of its kind manufactured in Brazil, with transmission by cell phone, network or radio. This innovative product allows the operator of the monitoring company to automatically display, in case of alarm, the images of the place, in such a way that  he observes the entire event and can take the necessary measures. The system eliminates up to 95% of false alarms and generates savings close to R$35 for false dispatches. Another interesting feature of Veotex's video alarm is that because it has the ability to transmit video by cell phone, it can be installed in vehicles, such as buses and trucks, and monitor the images of the vehicle anywhere in the country.

For the company Trielo Engenharia, ISC exceeded expectations in terms of the category of visitors, although its director Reginaldo de Oliveira believes that the fair still leaves much to be desired in terms of the number of visitors. This company launched at the event its new line of 100% native TCP-IP smart controller cards, with a speed of 10/100 Mbs and built-in PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology, which facilitates installation, maintenance and visibly reduces infrastructure costs, since the power supply for the controller board, readers, electromagnetic locks and sensors go with the network cable. Another big advantage is the small size of the card, which fits in a standard wall box. Trielo Engenharia is the first Brazilian manufacturer of access controller cards that incorporates PoE technology in a computer developed in the country, which allows it to stand out in technology and low cost.

The Brazilian manufacturer Comtex presented its new technologies for image monitoring. Among them are the complete solutions for video monitoring, which in addition to dome, fixed and bullet cameras, includes a recording software in analog and IP technology for cable, fiber optic and wireless transmission. The company seeks to invest in actions that contribute to improving the quality of the segment, and ISC has proven to be a great disseminator of new technologies, in addition to generating debates on trends in the area of security.

- Publicidad -

According to Paulo Vieira, application engineer at Priel Indústria Eletrônica, there was a marked growth in the public, especially people with high decision-making power in relation to the previous edition of ISC. This company exhibited at the event its metal detectors, vehicle inspectors, letter bomb detectors. It also launched the intimate detector, a type of magnetic seat to carry out inspections on people's private parts, in order to detect metal objects that may be carried on the body. This product can be used both in penitentiaries and in mining operations, in order to prevent employees from leaving with precious metals.

X version of Exposec
In its tenth edition, Exposec proved to be a consolidated fair, as it had a large influx of exhibitors and visitors.

For João Luis Diniz, product manager of Digicon S.A., the fair was excellent. "We have the presence of a qualified public which will undoubtedly generate good contacts and business in the coming months. We also had visitors who interest us, such as integrators and end customers."  In this version Digicon presented the Catrax line of turnstiles and the Torniquete-Txlite, products that are considered a good option in the Brazilian market and that have shown great growth in the sector. These products have been introduced in more than 20 countries in Latin America, the United States, Europe and Asia. The novelty presented was the MCA access controller that was integrated into all models of turnstiles and access control terminals and point. Along with this technology, the company showcased the contactless Smart Card (Mifare) readers and the two-finger geometry biometric reader.

For its part, Telemática Sistemas Inteligentes has participated in all editions of Exposec. This year, Ricardo Antonio Netto, executive marketing manager, believes that the quality and quantity of contacts increased significantly compared to the previous year and the volume of business closed during the fair increased by 26% in addition to contacts for future closings rose by 34%. "Of these businesses, we already closed 12% in the week after the fair. The financial volume in completed business is already in the order of US $ 2,700,000 and there are prospects of exceeding US $ 12,000,000 this year".  At the fair the company prepared a stand of 180m2 where solutions were exhibited in complete conditions of operation and operation. In addition, a line of access control software and hardware and intelligent CCTV with biometrics for facial recognition was exhibited. The novelty was the launch of the new Suricato software, a platform for security systems in a completely Web environment, which has graphic monitoring thanks to a digitized template of the client's installation. It should be noted that 60% of the financial volume of the businesses closed so far correspond to this new system.

Dimep presented its products of the normal line and the biometric line among which the launches of biometrics to control up to 10,000 users in batches stood out, as well as real-time control systems, using biometrics in knitted clocks and systems of blockades of people and vehicles. For Valeria Mateus the participation was very positive, as they had visits from important customers and resellers of point automation or controlled access products.

Mauro Alves, PPA's export manager, stated that his company's stake in Exposec exceeded all expectations; "our stand was the largest of the fair with 500 m2 and a daily volume of 3,000 registered visitors." Also, based on the strategy of providing the distribution network with the necessary tools to sell the products on display, the 115 distributors present were able to serve their customers and promote all the news.  "Another interesting feature that was presented during the three days of the event was the volume of visitors from Latin America and the Caribbean that we received at the stand, 40% more than last year," Alves said.

- Publicidad -

At the FAIR PPA presented its Eurus Custom Flash automation line, the first sliding gate automator on the national market with "digital end of course" technology.  This equipment facilitates installation since it dispenses with the use of magnets to control opening and closing. Other automators were also exhibited, such as the Mondiale, the automator for sliding gates with futuristic design that meets the new trends of rounded lines and that seek that the team is an integral part of the aesthetics of the gate; the Pivo Slaver, automator for rotating gates has two independent programming plates for each "arm", much easier and more accessible to the user for the programming of the openings and closures of the gate sheets; and the Bonna Flash, a device for the automation of glass social doors, with high performance and high speed.

Parking control systems were also presented with the issuance of paper tickets or plastic cards that facilitate and automate the control functions of a vehicle parking lot; as well as a complete line of alarms.

ASPEX for its part, in addition to presenting its entire line as usual, highlighted in its launches the new X-four control panels, which stand out in their category due to the additional resources they offer, such as activating, deactivating and programming through a common phone. Also presented were the Aspex X-press software which downloads, uploads and performs status monitoring; the new line of infrared sensors with immunity to pets or small animals (pet imune), up to 10 kg (Atus Junior) and 15 kg (Atus Primo); and the new line of conventional electronic intercoms and electronic intercoms with security system and conjugated alarm.

For Luciane Doneda, marketing manager of Topdata Sistemas de Automação, the fair provided a clearer picture of the access and point control market, which makes the company work in search of new solutions for an increasingly demanding sector. Topdata exhibited a tourniquet with an anti-panic system that works for evacuation in case of fire or other emergency. On the T1000 line its novelty was presented; the T1000 prox for small businesses and residences, which has the reader by approximation that prevents the cloning of cards. For its part, the T1000 Bio, a product created to popularize the use of biometrics, that is, to make biometrics available to everyone, received improvements that have made it sophisticated, such as the numeric keypad to assist in control.

Contronics also launched at the fair a key control called Clavium, a chest of great resistance, with receptacles available for keychains, which function as seals or auto-locks, and once one or more keys have been placed there they can not be removed. When a keychain is inserted into a receptacle, it can only be removed at the request of the user, who must be duly registered in the system and have authorization to remove the key fob. The Clavium can be accessed on a local network from a fixed or dynamic IP, it issues a report of the transactions carried out and its software allows a wide management of the system, such as user registration, keys, schedules, definition of authorizations and programming of alarms in case of improper actions.

* Fabia Fuzetti is the correspondent for SECURITY SALES in Brazil.

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